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6 ways to get new guests with restaurant reviews

6 ways to get new guests with restaurant reviews

It is almost impossible these days to ignore review sites if you operate a restaurant. With 94% of diners will choose a restaurant based on reviews it is essential that you are using reviews to your advantage. It goes without saying that you must be wowing them with your food and service first. Here's 6 ways to get new guests with restaurant reviews

Trip Advisor Influence on Diner-Decision Making 


1) Invite diners to review your restaurant

Begin by inviting your regular guests who love your restaurant and are raving fans to leave a positive review online. Do this in person after you have given them exceptional service. Also ask them if there was any way that you could make their experience more perfect.

Guests who have built up a relationship with you, will be more than happy to leave you a review. They love your restaurant, your food and service and want you to succeed. Leaving a review is merely an extension of word of mouth praise that they are already giving you to their friends and family. Regular happy guests will be more than happy to leave a review if asked.

2) Build a relationship with your guests

No matter how long you have had your restaurant open its never too late to start building a deeper relationship with your guests. Get to know your guests. Find out why they are dining with you. Are they celebrating something if so note it down particularly if its an annual event like a birthday or anniversary.

Even new restaurants can very quickly start to build deep relationships with their guests simply by getting to know them. Create and train your staff in your honoured guest process. You can build a deep relationship with your guests by occasionally offering them a digestif or an amuse bouche on the house.

3) Utilise technology to encourage reviews

Whilst you are getting to know your guests make a point of obtaining their email address so you can keep in touch with them. Having their email address allows you to email them and prompt them to give you a review for their last visit.

You can also partner up with sites that take bookings and prompt your guests for reviews after they have visited.

4) Set aside time everyday to engage with your reviews

Everyday either you the owner or your manager needs to set aside time to engage with your reviews. Engage with all reviews not only the positive ones. Doing so proves to your guests that you care about their experience and that will encourage them more to leave further reviews.

Positive review response:

[Guest Name]

We are delighted that you enjoyed (insert from guest review) everyone at (insert restaurant name) strives to make every guests experience flawless and it gives us great satisfaction to know that you had a wonderful time with us. Next time you are with us you should try (insert recommendation / special dish) and we would love you to join us (special event). Thanks for leaving us a positive review, we look forward to seeing you again soon. (Insert Your Name)

Negative Review Response:

[Guest Name]

Thank you for your comments. I’m very sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your experience with us. This is definitely not the standard of service our guests have come to expect from us. Please contact me on (Insert contact details) as I would like to make up for your disappointment.

Many of your reviews will be neutral put together a response from the above to answer any particular negative or positive aspects of a neutral review.

5) Get your digital real estate in order

With reviews being such an important part of getting new guests to come to your restaurant. Make sure that your digital real estate is in order and accurate. Ensure that the following are up to date and accurate:

  • Website
  • Google my business
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter Account
  • Instagram Page
  • Your listing in directories 
  • Yelp Profile
  • Foursquare Profile

Ensuring that your profiles on all of these sites are accurate and top to date will help you get more guests by appearing higher up in google and other review sites.

6) Always improve your service

In order to stay at the top of your game you must be constantly striving to get better at every aspect of your restaurant business. Train your staff frequently and give them the responsibility for solving guest problems.

Improving your offer and sourcing great quality locally produced food where you can will assist in improving your food service. Strive to improve every aspect of your food and service even if its only by 1% each week.Continual improvement will drive up standards and help you with the success of your restaurant.


So above I have detailed 6 ways to get new guests with restaurant reviews and hence gain more guests to your restaurant. If the information above was useful to you, please feel free to share it using the buttons provided.

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