Book - George Wells

Attention Business Owners: Sick of banging your head off the wall looking for leads

Quickly and effectively transfer your marketing fortunes before your competitors know whats hit them

Spend just one day reading this tips book and then implement the strategies outlined in each of these tips and within the next 60 days you will see your results skyrocket.

A simple yet effective guide to marketing and generating leads for your business. This book is for anyone who owns a business or is responsible for marketing and generating leads for the business. It is equally applicable to directors as it is to marketing managers. Written in a conversational style this book offers a quick guide to getting your marketing and lead generation up to speed.

Among the tips revealed in the book are:

  • The key secrets to marketing your business effectively
  • How to generate leads that cost nothing or next to nothing
  • The secret to removing the barrier to sales
  • How to calculate how much you should be spending on your marketing
  • How your unsatisfied clients can be your biggest marketing resource

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