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Email signature an easy way to get leads

email signature

Free way to get leads using an email signature

Everyone in business is always keen to identify high-quality leads at as little cost as they can. One entirely free way of doing that is by creating an email signature which creates a link back to your lead capture device on your website our social media profile.


Increasingly as we move away from sending physical correspondence, we are now sending more and more emails. The opportunity within this is that you can, without any further effort tag a lead generation opportunity to the bottom of each and every email you send. It may be that the person you are sending the email to has no interest in your offer. However, they may know someone who does.

If they do all they have to do is forward on your email with the link attached and you have your link in front of a new prospect who can then engage with your content or offer. Just by sending your regular emails you are getting the opportunity to get your message in front of new prospects using your existing network of contacts.

Your email signature may look something like this:

George Wells

Fill your restaurant with new clients

Please share this email with any of your friends, family or colleagues who enjoy fabulous quality locally sourced food.

Implement this strategy today it will take you about 5 minutes if you don’t know how to do it email me and tell me what email programme you use and I’ll help you create your signature.


  • Set up your email signature
  • Get free leads from something you are already doing
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to do it and is then included in each email you send

About the Author George Wells

George Wells IEng FIHE is an author, consultant and coach. Author of 107 Marketing and Lead Generation Tips to Turbocharge Your Business in 60 Days or Less. Nomad currently travelling slowly in Mexico. George is the founder of George Wells Marketing and is on a mission to simplify marketing for 10,000 business owners over the next 5 years.

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