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How to follow up till they visit your restaurant

In marketing your restaurant one of the most important activities that you can undertake is to follow up with your prospects. Research has provided some very interesting statstistics on this one and after reading them you’d do well to formalise your process of follow up and enquire that any of your staff involved in moving a prospect to a client are following up.


Follow Up Statistics

  • 2% of sales are made on first contact
  • 3% on second contact
  • 5% on third contact
  • 10% on fourth contact
  • 80% on fifth to twelfth contact

Given the above the statistics for sales people follow up is quite surprising and are listed below:

  • 48% never follow up
  • 25% stop after the second contact
  • 12% after the third contact
  • Only 10% make more than 3 contacts

Source: National Sales Executive Association  

What does that mean for your restaurant?

Simply put, it means you are leaving a significant amount of money on the table if you are not following up. In my research I identified that as much as 80% of prospects eventually visit a restaurant, although if you don't follow them up they will go to another restaurant who does follow up. Ensure that your restaurant is following up your prospects.

80% of prospects eventually visit a restaurant it may not be yours though!

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When to follow up

A suitable schedule for follow up would look something like the sequence below:

  • 3 days after of initial contact
  • 6 days after initial contact
  • 14 days after initial contact
  • 28 days after initial contact
  • 56 days after initial contact
  • 86 days after initial contact

Thereafter follow up every calendar month until prospect tells you to stop or they visit your restaurant.

There are really no hard rules about how long between follow ups, the above is an example of a sequence, but be mindful of the who you are following up. If your prospect is incredibly busy give them more time before you follow up. Create a sequence to suit them individually.

How to follow up

There are no hard an fast rules for following up. The only rule that exists is that your follow up should not become annoying. Use a mixture of mediums and a hard and soft follow up sequence. Whatever you do make sure that you re consistent and that you are adding information and educating your prospect as to why they should come to your restaurant.

The easiest way to follow up is via email as you can create an autoresponder sequence. Keep your emails short something like the following:

Email #1

Hi [first name], 

How are things going? We have some tables available for lunch on Wednesday would you like me to book one for you?

Email #2

Hi [first name]

Here’s a recent review of our restaurant showing how satisfied one of our m most recent clients is with our restaurant, I think you'll find it an interesting read. I’d love to have you visit my restaurant. When is a good time for you?

Email #3

Hi [first name]

When would be best day to book you a table for lunch or dinner?

Email #4

Hi [first name]

I enclose a recent press article reviewing our food. I think you'll agree that our food is really something special, when would be a good time for you to visit

You get the idea from the above. Like all marketing it is important that you test these emails and approachs some may work better than others.

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