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Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant and 10 reasons to hire one

Why you should hire a marketing consultant


1) Gain an outside perspective

Hiring a marketing consultant allows you to gain an outside perspective on your marketing. Coming from outside the organisation a marketing consultant has an ability to utilise independence of thought without being swayed by previous strategy or decisions made whether good or bad. Being an outsider your consultant will see your restaurant differently. Your consultant will see your problems differently and as such brings a new perspective to your business and to your marketing. Your consultant may very well have solved your problem for a similar restaurant or a different restaurant with the same problem

We cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them #quote Albert Einstein

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2) Gain specialist skills

Marketing consultants come with skills you just do not have within your business. You are experts at delivering a fantastic dining service, but without significant investment in time, money and testing, it's unlikely that you will be able to gain those specialist skills quickly and economically. Adding those specialist skills to your restaurant will bring advantages in specific areas depending on the skills of the consultant.

3) Limited time commitment

Hiring a consultant is time limited. You know before you commit the time that the consultant will be working with you. You will have agreed on a level of investment for that assistance, and this will give you the certainty of budgeting and allow you to plan for this cost over a set period. 

4) You need extra resources

You know you need to market, but you just don't have the resources within your restaurant to undertake this vital work. Hiring a marketing consultant allows you to bring in the resources you need quickly and efficiently allowing you to get your marketing done and start seeing the results of that marketing quickly in terms of leads, clients and sales.

5) You need an effective marketing strategy

To deliver optimum results, you need an effective marketing strategy. Marketing consultants live and breathe marketing strategy. A good marketing consultant will help you get very clear on your optimum marketing strategy and give you the tactics to implement that strategy at its optimum level. 

6) Help with conversions

It may surprise you, but your problem may not be lead generation. It may be that you are not converting enough of those leads to clients. A marketing consultant will review your conversion strategy and help you improve your conversion rate hence growing your business by acquiring more clients for the same investment in lead generation.

7) Train your staff

One of the activities that marketing consultants get involved in is training staff within your business on marketing. It may be that they need to up-skill in a particular area, e.g. social media marketing. It may be that you want to give an existing employee the responsibility for all of your marketing going forward, but they just do not have the training to allow them to carry that role out efficiently and cost-effectively. Hiring a marketing consultant to train and up-skill your employees is a good use of resources and has the added bonus that you retain those skills once the consultant has left your restaurant.

8) Best return for investment

Hiring a marketing consultant is a very cost effective way of getting access to skills that you don't have in your restaurant without ongoing costs and commitments beyond what you contract for. Like any investment, you will way up the cost versus the return when hiring a marketing consultant. A good marketing consultant will bring you the best return on your investment and should be evaluated on the same basis as any other investment.

9) Focus and accountability

A quirk of human behaviour is that it often takes someone external to us to get us focused on what we are doing and to hold us to account for the actions we all know we should take. Hiring a marketing consultant will get you focused on your marketing both from a strategic and tactical level. Ongoing work with your consultant will bring accountability for all who are involved in marketing within your restaurant.

10) Stimulate your business thinking

Hiring a marketing consultant allows you access solutions outside your own restaurant, cuisine or field of expertise. Consultants are fortunate that they get to work with a wide variety of restaurants and a wide variety of solutions to any problem that you might have. In almost all industries the problem they are facing has been solved within another non competing industry and working with a consultant allows you access to a wider thought pool than you have within your own restaurant.


Working with a marketing consultant has many benefits and few disadvantages. An investment in a marketing consultant does have to be considered carefully and I have detailed above the 10 reasons why you should hire a marketing consultant. If you like this blog post please share it by clicking the social media buttons below.

  • Gain an outside perspective
  • Gain specialist skills
  • Limited and defined time commitment
  • Access to extra resources
  • You need an effective marketing strategy
  • Get help converting leads to clients
  • Train your staff to carry out your marketing
  • Best return on investment
  • Gain focus and accountability
  • Stimulate your business thinking 

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