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Ranking Restaurant in Google Maps

Rank your restaurant in Google Maps

Getting your restaurant in the Top 3 in Google Maps will definitely bring you more guests


Top 3 Restaurant Glasgow GM

Claim your business on Google

Google Maps engine is based on Google My Business directory. As an owner of a restaurant that has a physical address you must claim your listing or create it if it doesn't already exist. To ensure that your restaurant ranking is high you need to ensure that the information about your restaurant is accurate and complete. It must include the following:

  • Contact Information and website. Your contact information needs to be complete and include your full address, telephone number and website so that Google can provide this information to your guests.
  • Business Hours. Including your business hours allows Google to tell your guests that you are open, opening soon or closed.
  • No duplicate information. Ensure that the information you provide to Google has no duplicates or inaccurate information as this will harm your chances of achieving a ranking in Top 3.
  • Photos. Adding good quality images of your food and the restaurant will entice more guests to visit you. Google also loves images so give them what they want too.

If you haven't already claimed your restaurant see the image below which will show you where the link appears to claim your business and follow the instructions on screen to claim your restaurant.

Claim Google Business

If your restaurant does not exist on the Google My Business you can add it by clicking on the link as shown below in the attached image. This appears at the bottom of the list of businesses when you are in google maps interface

Add a missing place Google

Categorise Your Business

When you create your restaurant listing you will be required to include a category for the restaurant. Invariably the first category will be your main keyword or category that bets describes your restaurant.

You do also have the ability to add additional categories up to five in total. Use these categories to improve your local search engine optimisation (SEO). Use these wisely as they are a very important element of local SEO.

Add your GMB name, address and phone number to your Website

In order for Google to rank your restaurant effectively it needs to match your name, address and phone number (NAP) in your Google Business Page to the name, address and phone number on your website. The most effective way to do this is to add the name, address and phone number to the footer on your website. Doing so means that each and every page is listed with the same information as your Google Business Page.

The match must be exact so if you abbreviate part of the address for instance on your Google Business Page you must use the same abbreviations on your website.

Your Citations

Your citations are where your name, address and phone number are listed in business directories local and national. Ensure that your name, address and phone number are listed in all relevant local and national business directories and that the information in each is accurate and complete and matches the information in your Google Business Page and your website.

Having citations from these directories is essential to get your restaurant ranked in google maps, make sure you spend the time to ensure that your restaurant is listed and that the information is complete and accurate.


Reviews can make or break your restaurant and there are multiple ways to encourage your guests to review your restaurant. In order to gain ranking for your restaurant then you must get reviews. Managing your reputation is vitally important and cannot be overlooked. 

Set aside time everyday to interact with your reviews and to respond to all the reviews whether they are positive, negative or neutral. I have included two responses that you might use in responding to your reviews:

Negative review response:

[Guest Name] Thank you for your comments. I’m very sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your experience with us. This is definitely not the standard of service our guests have come to expect from us. Please contact me on (Insert contact details) as I would like to make up for your disappointment.

Positive Review Response:

[Guest Name] We are delighted that you enjoyed (insert from guest review) everyone at (insert restaurant name) strives to make every guests experience flawless. It gives us great satisfaction to know that you had a wonderful time with us. Next time you are with us you should try (insert recommendation / special dish). We would love you to join us (special event). Thanks for leaving us a positive review, we look forward to seeing you again soon. (Insert Your Name)

You will almost certainly get neutral reviews and you can use the Negative Review Response as a template for answering the negative parts of the neutral review.

What Next?

You have the basics covered, however if you want to get help moving your restaurant up to the top 3 in Google My Business then you will need some additional work. 

If you to discuss how I could help you get your business in the top 3 in google then email me using the link below:

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