Survey for success to produce what your client wants - George Wells
survey for success

Survey for success to produce what your client wants

survey for success

How do you find out what your clients truly want? Ask them and survey for success. It's easy and cost effective.


1) Ask your clients what they want

If you want your restaurant to be busy and profitable quickly the easy way to do that is actually to create menu and service that your client actually wants. To do that you need to stop guessing what they want and actually ask them. You will have no quicker route to fabulous restaurant than if you survey your existing clients.


  • Create brilliant menu and service by asking what your client wants
  • Easy and quick to do
  • Removes the guessing game

2) Why you must undertake surveys 

Your clients know you, they like you and they trust you, but they are still not buying. One of the reasons for this might be that what your menu is not what they want at a price that they want to pay for it.

It is easy to overcome this, just by creating a short online survey that gathers the information you require to create a menu that your client wants and at a price that they are willing to pay for it. You have to decide if the price they are willing to pay is sustainable for you in your business.


  • Your clients know what they want
  • Your clients know how much they want to pay for it
  • Ask them what they want and then create it

3) How to carry out a survey

Carrying out surveys used to involve getting out and asking real people in the street or in their homes or offices questions and often they wouldn't want to give you answers because they weren't in your target audience.

Thankfully in this internet world connected by social media, we have never had a better opportunity to ask questions of our prospects and obtain answers which will shape and design our menu and service we create for our marketplace.I am not going to recommend a particular piece of software or website as there are many and I have not tried them all out so it would be disingenuous for me to favour one package over another.

What I do recommend is that you identify which platform or package you are going to use and create a quick survey to obtain the answers to the questions you need to know to design your menu.

Preparing your survey is essential as this is the information you need to design the menu and service you will create. Also of prime importance is how you distribute the survey. For maximum results you need to incentivise your audience at least to undertake the survey this can be done two ways 

  1. Keeping your survey short
  2. Telling them that the purpose of the survey is to create a menu and service which is perfect for them

Undertake your surveys use the results and as a footnote ask for their email address don't make it a mandatory question but ask for their email so you can keep them up to date when you launch your new menu.


  • Pick a suitable survey platform many are free
  • Keep your survey short
  • Only ask the minimum questions you need to create your menu
  • Inentivise your audience to complete the survey by its length and by your desire to create amenu and service which is perfect for them


  • Secret to great menu and service asking clients what they want
  • Surveys are quick and easy to do
  • Your clients know what they want and are desperate for you to ask them 
  • Incentivise them to complete your survey
  • Keep surveys short

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George Wells IEng FIHE is an author, consultant and coach. Author of 107 Marketing and Lead Generation Tips to Turbocharge Your Business in 60 Days or Less. Nomad currently travelling slowly in Mexico. George is the founder of George Wells Marketing and is on a mission to simplify marketing for 10,000 business owners over the next 5 years.

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